A Chronicle Call to Action

The November 2017 issue of Chronicle of Philanthropy features an article by Bill Meehan and Kim Jonker that sets the current US political situation in the wider context of what they call the Impact Era. (For a discussion of the Impact Era, see the Introduction to Engine of Impact.)

Meehan and Jonker write:

Foundation leaders and philanthropy observers have issued calls to action that convey a strongly felt need to “resist”—to fight against policies of the new administration that violate ideals that many of us hold dear. That is essential work for organizations that focus on advocacy. But we believe that nonprofits of all types, along with their foundation and individual donors, face a broader task: In a time of social and political disarray, they must demonstrate their ability to sustain a diverse and robust civil society.

The article, which Chronicle of Philanthropy has made available to non-subscribers for a limited time, is an adaptation of “Strategic Leadership: Now Is the Time,” the concluding chapter of Engine of Impact.

November 2, 2017, in News

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