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The Four Questions to Ask When Serving on a Nonprofit Board

From McKinsey Quarterly, a brief guide to serving as a nonprofit board member.

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Filling Essential Gaps in Nonprofit Leadership

The Stanford Survey on Leadership and Management in the Nonprofit Sector shows that most nonprofits fall short in important areas of performance. This article, from SSIR, discusses ways to help solve this problem.

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How to Get the $300 Billion More That Nonprofits Need to Make a Difference

A call to action for the Impact Era, published in the Chronicle of Philanthropy.

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"Fundamentals, Not Fads" Series

Fundamentals, Not Fads

The experience of prize-winning social sector leaders highlights the enduring lessons of nonprofit management. Part one of a six-part SSIR series.

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Mission Matters Most

To thrive, a nonprofit organization must develop and adhere to a clear statement of its core purpose. Part two of a six-part SSIR series.

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Fundraising Is Fundamental (If Not Always Fun)

Overcoming a reluctance to ask people for money is a crucial step that every nonprofit leader must make. Part three of a six-part SSIR series.

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A Better Board Will Make You Better

High-performing nonprofits benefit from having a board of directors that functions as more than a rubber stamp. Part four of a six-part SSIR series.

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Nothing Succeeds Like Succession

One test of a nonprofit organization hinges on whether it can manage a difficult leadership transition. Part five of a six-part SSIR series.

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Clear Measurement Counts

A commitment to impact evaluation is the mark of a nonprofit organization that takes its work seriously. Part six of a six-part SSIR series.

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Other Articles

How to Be a Better Nonprofit Board Member

Suggestions for applying the fundamentals of corporate governance to charitable organizations.

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The Rise of Social Capital Market Intermediaries

Donors and grantmakers are allocating money more efficiently, thanks to the emergence of information and funding intermediaries.

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In the Black with BRAC

A case study of BRAC, widely considered to be the largest NGO in the world.

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Curbing Mission Creep

A profile of the Rural Development Institute (now known as Landesa), an organization that remained single-mindedly devoted to its mission.

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The Ratings Game

An evaluation of three organizations—the Wise Giving Alliance, Charity Navigator, and Charity Watch—that rate nonprofit organizations.

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Investing in Society

Charitable donors should think of themselves as “investors” and should expect returns, just like a stock market investor would.

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