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A ‘Mother’s Vision’: Building And Scaling A Premier Children’s Hospital

On the virtual tour of its new building, Packard Children’s declares, “Healing is an art. And a science. And, in this case, a place.”

With its strong record of high performance, Packard Children’s has reached that “place” because its leaders, over the course of more than three decades, have practiced strategic leadership—a mode of nonprofit excellence that incorporates seven essential elements. Only by excelling at all seven of those elements, we have found, can a nonprofit earn the right to scale its impact. (We explore all of these elements, along with the principle of earning the right to scale, in our book, Engine of Impact.)

In our latest Forbes Column here, we draw upon insights from two leaders of Packard Children’s, Susan Packard Orr, and Chris Dawes, and highlight their approaches to strategic leadership.

July 10, 2018, in Forbes Columns

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