Engine of Impact offers “a detailed road map . . . for turning a good nonprofit into one that can achieve great impact at scale.”
— Jim Collins, best-selling author of Good to Great

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Engine of Impact Diagnostic

To achieve significant impact, a nonprofit organization must build, tune, and fuel an “engine of Impact”—a system that encompasses seven essential areas of strategic leadership. This diagnostic tool enables nonprofit stakeholders to assess how well their organization performs in each of those areas and how ready that organization is to scale its impact.

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Stanford Survey on Leadership and Management in the Nonprofit Sector

Organizational performance in the essential elements of strategic leadership varies widely across the nonprofit sector. This study—based on responses from more than 3,000 stakeholders in the sector—highlights key challenges and opportunities for nonprofit leaders.

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Foundation Payout Tool

Should a philanthropic organization aim for perpetuity, or should it plan to spend down its assets? To answer this question, philanthropists and foundations need a solid understanding of the relationship between annual payout, market performance and volatility, and the anticipated longevity of their endowment. Here is a tool to help them develop that understanding.

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A Chronicle Call to Action

The November 2017 issue of Chronicle of Philanthropy features an article by Bill Meehan and Kim Jonker that sets the current US political situation in the wider context of what they call the Impact Era. (For a discussion of the Impact Era, see the Introduction to Engine of Impact.) Meehan and Jonker write: Foundation leaders […]

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An Excerpt on Strategy

Stanford Social Innovation Review has published an excerpt from Engine of Impact that addresses a vital question for the nonprofit sector: How can a nonprofit apply concepts from business strategy to the way that it structures and plans its work? In the past, some people in the sector have doubted the relevance of such concepts to […]

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Kickoff at Stanford

On Saturday, Oct. 28, Bill Meehan and Kim Jonker launched their efforts to promote Engine of Impact in a special event at Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB)—the institution where much of the thinking and research in the book originated. Jon Levin, dean of GSB, joined Meehan and Jonker for a wide-ranging discussion of themes […]

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