Engine of Impact offers “a detailed road map . . . for turning a good nonprofit into one that can achieve great impact at scale.”
— Jim Collins, best-selling author of Good to Great

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Discussion Guide to Engine of Impact

Often the best way for people in an organization to turn ideas into action is to engage with those ideas together. Here is a set of questions, organized by book chapter, that people can explore in a group discussion of Engine of Impact.

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Engine of Impact Diagnostic

To achieve significant impact, a nonprofit organization must build, tune, and fuel an “engine of Impact”—a system that encompasses seven essential areas of strategic leadership. This diagnostic tool enables nonprofit stakeholders to assess how well their organization performs in each of those areas and how ready that organization is to scale its impact.

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Stanford Survey on Leadership and Management in the Nonprofit Sector

Organizational performance in the essential elements of strategic leadership varies widely across the nonprofit sector. This study—based on responses from more than 3,000 stakeholders in the sector—highlights key challenges and opportunities for nonprofit leaders.

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A Question of Impact: Advice for Board Members

Nonprofit organizations often recruit people who have been successful in the business sector to serve on their board of directors. It’s a practice that can work well, enabling a nonprofit to gain valuable perspective from smart professionals—but only if those professionals are equipped to engage actively and meaningfully both in board meetings and in the […]

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Going Deep: Manville Interviews Meehan

“Americans today are looking for some ‘common ground,’ …” Bill Meehan told Brook Manville in a recently published interview. “Our associative initiatives are a formal sector now. [That sector is] perfectly positioned to give us all a chance to do something meaningful without politics. It’s a perfect antidote for today’s dysfunction—because when people join in […]

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“Your Engine of Impact”—a GuideStar Blog Series

In advance of the publication of Engine of Impact, and in conjunction with release of the Stanford Survey on Leadership and Management in the Nonprofit Sector, GuideStar launched what will ultimately be an eight-part series of posts by Bill Meehan and Kim Jonker. The series, called “Your Engine of Impact,” will cover each of the seven […]

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