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‘Tough-Minded Optimism’: Savvy Leadership Advice From 17 Years At The Skoll Foundation Helm

Sally Osberg joined the Skoll Foundation– which was created by Jeff Skoll, the first employee and first president of eBay – as employee number one in 2001 and subsequently became its first president and CEO. She stepped down from that position earlier this year.

During her time at the helm, Osberg oversaw the philanthropy’s investment in more than 100 entrepreneurial organizations worldwide. She also led Skoll through three distinct phases – “startup,” “get going and do it,” and “renewal,” to use her terms – that reflect her approach to leadership. “You’re always sowing new seeds,” she explained. “The world is changing, and you have to adapt.”

Recently, Osberg took time to share with us her views on strong leadership. Although her wisdom springs from her many years in the social sector, much of it applies equally well to the private sector. We share a summary of her insights in our latest Forbes column here.

September 18, 2018, in Forbes Columns

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